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Even if godly people fall down seven times, they always get up.

Bibi Farnham is an engaging and authentic speaker who is passionate about communicating God's message of empowerment and overcoming to ALL women from ALL walks of life. From Teens to Professionals, from Mom's groups to Corporate Business Women; no matter the age or background; all audience members will walk away with the inspiration and lasting knowledge needed to attain all God has for them.

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I know how hard it is to think of ourselves as royalty. As a princess who lives happily ever after. Each of us knows our weaknesses and imperfections all too well!
So let me ease the anxiety: No man or woman in the Bible or in Christian history, nor any believer who did something immense to further God’s Kingdom, lived a perfect life.
Our God can and will take whatever we have experienced or done; good or bad and apply it for His glory. He is waiting to turn our failures, our complicated circumstances, our pain and whatever this life brings, into something momentous that will further His Kingdom.
My prayer for you is to trade all the lies you believe about yourself, for truth; Knowing you are who God says you are “His Princess” and that your Father in Heaven will do for you and through you all that is promised in His Word.
A woman's true beauty and power-filled legacy will surface in her quest as a woman whose destiny is trusted to the God Who loves her.
It isn't difficult and it's never too late. There is a fresh lifetime Word for women. It is amazing to be part of a grand plan to bring a supreme dosage of His loving Spirit to women in an encouraging, convincing Word by which we can each set our spiritual compass. Decisive women yearning to be warmly touched, re-energized and ushered into a glorious destiny are watching and waiting for that Word.

There is a part in every woman's life where she deserves a
standing ovation, and His love has all the power she needs.

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"Emosionele welstand met Bibi"

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