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Bibi is a master weaver of funny stories and taps into the individuals personal
power of choice
to facilitate a crystal clear vision for
personal and family relationships,
putting life in balance,
assisting in coping & stress relief,
powerful leadership,
superior customer service,
motivation that really moves you to action,
all bound together with delightful humor.

'Multi-talented' best describes Bibi.
She's a professional writer,
a performer,
an artist,
a humorist,
entrepreneur and above all,
a woman walking with God at her side and Jesus in her heart.

Bibi is all about better relationships and life balance.
She believes in playing as hard as you work and working hard to really enjoy your job!
Bibi brings a colorfully dynamic and interactive style to any
retreat or
training session.

She makes you think, laugh and walk away with practical ideas and a plan in hand for
emotional and
spiritual empowerment
that cultivates the best in you.

She puts emphasis on IMAGE and being a WINNER through communication change and creativity.
Bibi harnesses the awesomeness of every day, by opening your eyes to the simple miracles of each moment and the indispensable memories those moments create.
She re-energizes her audience for work and life management.
She is a natural expert in building bridges through relationships and life experience.

Bibi’s presentations and workshops are an “experience” with surprises and fun!
Events deliver proven tactics and common sense from her 20+ years in business.
Rediscover your creative potential and see the poetry in your own life commence to dance!
Every program is customised.
Professionalism, humor, sincerity and knowledge… all this in one life changing experience.
She’s the real deal from experience to expertise!

When you are ready to try something different, contact her for a consultation.

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(Bibi is a registered member of The Association of Christian Counselors as well as an Accredited Journey Therapist)

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